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How to make a decentralized like button

event 2020-06-01 people by Lorenzo Setale

All static websites meet a hard limit when a comment form, “like” buttons or any interactive content is required. These extra component are forcing people to build an API, host a server, a database or pay for any SaaS product that does that… we could write a blog post about that, but it would be too easy! Instead in this article … Read More

Exploring Immutable Infrastructure with Vault

event 2020-03-21 people by Lorenzo Setale

During the last year I have been curious about Immutable Infrastructure. After researching I noticed that I had been applying some of these concepts already to stateless docker containers, and I wanted to make a practical project with it.So I thought about exploring Immutable Infrastructure and use it to deploy Hashicorp Vault. I have shared a git … Read More